How much does a wedding in Kiev cost | Wedding budget | How to calculate your wedding budget

How much does a wedding in Kiev cost?

How much does a wedding in Kiev cost?

She told him “Yes”! Now is the time to start preparing your wedding. How much does a wedding in Kiev cost? Almost every meeting with newlyweds usually begins with this question. And there is no standard answer to it.

Organization of a wedding is an individual process. Someone wants an onsite ceremony on a yacht, and someone else – in a cozy restaurant outside the city. But in general, we can open the curtain of what the wedding budget consists of. Let’s consider the main items of expenses.

Calculation: what does the wedding budget consist of

Spending can be conditionally divided into 3 large blocks: location, professionals and personal spending. All other sub-items are adjusted to these cost items.

1. Location

Decor and floristry

It is very important for a wedding to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is at this stage that florists and decorators are involved – they, under the guidance of a wedding agency, turn the idea and concept of a wedding into reality. Typically, the cost of wedding decor must include the decoration of an exit ceremony, a photo zone, a presidium (a table for newlyweds and sometimes witnesses), guest tables and other areas that the wedding concept provides.

Basic rules for optimizing your budget for decor and floristry:

  1. Consider how the location corresponds to the wedding concept and how much it will be necessary to change it for the concept. If the concept has not yet been developed, then consider the factor of location adaptability for different concepts.
  2. Consider the specifics of the location and its color scheme.
  3. Consider the decor, furniture and all the interior items that the location offers you and analyze where you can use them.
  4. If the budget is limited, then do not spray it on many zones – concentrate funds in one zone, well-developed and decorated.


If we are to calculate what the wedding budget consists of, a large expense item falls on the banquet. It is important here to avoid a situation where the dishes on the tables are left untouched or, even worse, when guests leave the wedding hungry. After all, according to our tradition, it is not customary to arrange light snacks. Those invited from the holiday should leave well-fed and happy.

Catering is also considered a banquet if the wedding is not held in a restaurant, but at a location without its own kitchen.  

For an accurate calculation of the cost of a banquet, you need to check with the administrator: the cost of the menu per person when the food comes out from 1200 g, the conditions for alcohol (is there a cork fi, special prices from the restaurant and other options), conditions for extending the working hours of the restaurant staff, additional possible costs (cleaning the metaphan, renting an area for the ceremony and others).

The main cost items of the wedding budget for the location *

  • Wedding hall decoration – from 7000 UAH.
  • Wedding ceremony – from 5000 UAH.
  • Compositions of fresh flowers for the couples table – from 3000 UAH.
  • Menu – from 1500 UAH up to UAH 3000 per person.
  • Catering services – from 2000 UAH per person.

*Please note that prices are approximate and may differ significantly in both directions.

2. Professionals

This budget category implies payment for the services of the wedding market professionals at your wedding. 

The cost of a wedding in Kiev may include the services of the following professionals:

  • wedding organizer or coordinator;
  • host
  • photographer;
  • videographer;
  • musicians;
  • sound and lighting specialists;
  • master of ceremonies;
  • and others

The pricing policy is also ambiguous here. For example, a host-beginner will ask for UAH 7,000 per evening. Those who are more successful, with a good portfolio and recommendations – from 15 000 UAH. Show business stars’ fees start at $ 3,000.

3. Personal expenses

This includes expenses that relate directly to the image of the bride and groom and their wedding day.

  • Wedding dress for rent – from 7000 UAH per day.
  • Buying a wedding dress – from 13000 UAH.
  • Suit – from 7000 UAH
  • Gold wedding rings – from 5000 UAH per pair.
  • Bridal bouquet – from 1500 UAH
  • Groom’s boutonniere – from 150 UAH
  • Hairstyle and makeup – from 1000 UAH.
  • Car rental – from 1000 UAH / hour.

Having determined the format of the wedding – a cute family dinner, a party with close friends, or a royal reception for 200 guests – you can calculate the initial estimate, which will include everything you need.

Obligatory expenses: what you can't save on

The wedding budget has its limits. But even in spite of financial constraints, we do not advise couples to save. It is worth determining what is priority for you and focusing the budget on these budget items.

Bride's outfit, hairstyle and makeup

Despite the fact that the celebration is organized for both newlyweds, the close attention is always focused more on the bride. The guests are discussing her dress, hairstyle, accessories. With the groom, things are easier. Nice suit – and he’s already handsome.

Therefore, it is not recommended to save on a dress. The bride needs to feel confident like the queen. If finances are limited and there is no purchase of a dress from a well-known world brand, then you can rent a dress or pick up a dress from a Ukrainian brand.


This person sets the mood for the holiday. An inexperienced or “weak” host will negate all wedding planning efforts. Dull guests will quickly leave such an event and go home.

A charismatic, positive and cheerful host will create the right atmosphere, conduct rituals and traditions and make the holiday an unforgettable event for the young and invited. They often do not remember what dishes were served at a wedding banquet, but the wedding itself and emotions are remembered for a long time.

Photographer and videographer

Imagine how much effort went into organizing a luxurious ceremony. And all this can only remain in the hearts of the young. Photos and videos are valuable because you can relive emotions and remember your wedding day – open the album, turn on the recording and review the valuable moments of the birth of your family.

Be sure to include the cost of a good photographer and videographer in the cost of a wedding in Kiev. Talented professionals will be able to guarantee quality services, and gorgeous photos will decorate your wedding album and pages on social networks.

How to organize a wedding in Kiev?

A wedding is a costly event. And you need to know how to properly optimize your budget without compromising quality. BestDayEver Wedding Agency will ensure the perfect wedding. We know how to allocate the budget efficiently and therefore we organize weddings with different budgets.