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Wedding party in Kiev

Wedding party or European wedding

Organization of a wedding involves preparing the celebration long before the wedding. The traditional format is not everyone’s delight. Couples are increasingly trying to get away from stereotypes. The wedding party has become a new trend. Let’s consider the difference between a European wedding and a classic one.

European style wedding

Let’s immediately dwell on the main advantages of a European wedding, involving a wedding party:

  1. Instead of the classic feast at the table, where everyone congratulates the groom and the bride and says non-stop toasts, a buffet or banquet is offered. There can be 10, 30, 60, 100 invited guests and even more.
  2. A coverband or a DJ is often performed at a wedding party. The musicians perform in small blocks of 30-40 minutes. Often, there is no host at wedding parties or his participation is minimal. During the evening, the host guides the guests in what is happening and does not let them get bored. The host at modern weddings looks like a groomsman who communicates with guests and looks more like a guest than a host.
  3. Wedding party assumes the absence of any standards. The location for the wedding party can be a modern museum or historic mansion, could be in the nature in the open air or in a bar.
  4. Wedding party invitations are also different from classic wedding invitations. This can be a video invitation or an invitation on a disc or tape in the format of a song recorded by the newlyweds. Maybe a puzzle-shaped invitation in the shape of a Rubik's cube, where guests make up the sides of the cube and get the date, time and place of the wedding.
  5. A modern wedding differs from a classic one also by serving dishes not to the table, as at a banquet, but in special zones. During small breaks in the coverband performances , guests can stop at the food stations with a pizza bar or barbecue area with grilled dishes or a sweet version with an ice cream bar. You can grill yourself, pour drinks at the street bar and dance to the music here.

European weddings mainly involve onsite registration. The wedding ceremony is conducted by the master of ceremonies, the host or close friends of the couple. In Kiev, an official onsite marriage registration is possible with the putting data into the official register and obtaining a certificate of marriage registration on the same day.

Summer days bring warmth, so more often couples prefer to hold European style weddings in summer or autumn. Places in nature are suitable for organizing a celebration: the shore of a lake or river, a clearing in the forest. The wedding creates a mood and atmosphere, which is why you cannot do wedding without it. Garlands of lights, fresh flowers, multi-colored ribbons, candles in flasks and other decor options look very beautiful depending on the style that the couple chooses to decorate the wedding.

How does a wedding party differ from a classic wedding

So, we have already indicated that the wedding takes place outdoor. Instead of the boring registry office hall, where guests gather, it is proposed to organize a spectacular area in nature. An arch is erected here, sometimes braided with lights and decorated with flowers. Chairs are installed next to the arch. It creates the feeling of a stage for the main event of the wedding – a ceremony where the bride and groom exchange vows of love and fidelity, give rise to their family traditions and share a piece of their love with the guests.

Wedding parties in Kiev began to be held not so long ago, but they have already found their fans. The main advantage of this format over a classic wedding is that it is designed for all ages. At such a celebration, friends of the young and older relatives will find something to do.

Often, a European wedding is held in compliance with the dress code. The invited guest choose outfits of certain color and style and then it looks very beautiful in the photo. Unlike a classical ceremony, a bride and groom may have many bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What are wedding parties?

Organization of a wedding in Kiev can involve a completely different format of the celebration. Here are just a few ideas for a European wedding:

  • Various gastronomic stations are organized for guests. Here it will not be difficult to find a treat for yourself. At one station you can try pizza, at another hamburgers, and the third will offer an abundance of ice cream or signature coffee with an elegant design of the drink.
  • An open bar is envisaged, where everyone can order a cocktail or a drink. Different areas may offer different drinks. In one - a sommelier works and offers a choice of wine. In another, a whiskey bar is organized, where a bartender listens to visitors.
  • A modern wedding is organized with the organization of themed zones where master classes are held. On one is a perfumer creating enchanting fragrances for girls. The other has a torsedor rolling cigars for strong-minded men.

It is imperative to take care of recreation areas for those who want to relax a little or chat with friends. Comfortable sofas are placed in these places, relaxing music sounds. This zone will allow you to recuperate for further participation in the holiday.

European wedding is a very democratic format. At such an event, invited guests have more freedom. They are offered a lot of entertainment, among which it is easy to find something to their liking. As a result, stiffness disappears, guests feel comfortable and at ease.

How to organize a wedding party?

You can prepare such a celebration yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort. A stylish wedding will turn out if you use the services of professionals. By contacting the BestDayEver wedding agency, you get many benefits:

  • You entrust the matter to specialists, freeing up your time for more pleasant things.
  • Do not look for different performers, but entrust everything to one responsible person.
  • Choose a wedding format from several scenarios.
  • Add your personal wishes to the concept of the celebration.
  • You receive a budget for the celebration, where all the details are taken into account.

Turnkey wedding organization from BestDayEver is the event you have dreamed of. Just dial our number and ask your questions. We know how to make dreams come true and make wishes come true!