Marriage registration and marriage within a day Kiev. What documents are required for applying for marriage registration?

Marriage registration within a day in Kiev

Marriage registration within a day

It is legal to register a marriage in a day in Kiev, but in practice it is not so easy to realize the goal of paperwork. In 2016, the Ukrainian authorities began to rewrite the code of family relations. One of the main innovations was the proposal to register a marriage in a day or conclude a so-called express marriage. It was proposed to do this on the day when young people file an application indicating their readiness to seal their union with the bonds of the law.

Marriage registration rules in Ukraine

To register marriage in Ukraine, a couple must comply with the following regulations:

  1. Choose a place of registration. To determine the appropriate registry office, where the ceremony will take place, it is not necessary to take into account the address of residence of the couple. In this regard, the organization of the wedding becomes easier. You can choose a registry office depending on your preferences (a more beautiful hall, convenient parking for a wedding car, etc.).
  2. To get acquainted with the rights and obligations of young spouses, which are described by employees of the civil registry office. These rules and regulations, including conditions and procedures for registration of family relations, are brought to the attention of the young.
  3. Personally apply for registration that corresponds to part 2 of Article 28 SKU. This can also be done by a wedding agency that has the rights to represent the interests of young people. And the application is accepted online through a special electronic service. To do this, you need to register on the site of the portal "Appeals in the field of state registration of acts of civil status", indicate there the selected registry office, the date and time of the ceremony, fill out a questionnaire. You should also make obligatory payment of the state fee for the service.

Online marriage registration is possible only in one case – if the applicant has an electronic signature.

What documents are needed to register a marriage

To formalize the traditional marriage registration and marriage registration within a day in Kiev, you need a full package of documents: a passport of Ukrainian citizens, an identification code, confirmation of the payment of the state fee and services of the Civil Registry Office. Legal permission and birth certificates are required for minors.

For those who decided to register a remarriage within a day in Ukraine, a divorce certificate is needed (as confirmation of the dissolution of the previous marriage union). If previous spouse has died, a certificate of death is required. If a professional wedding planner is responsible for the wedding, he will provide the list of documents that are needed.

Marriage registration with a foreigner in Ukraine is possible if the documents are translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary. The required documents are passport and certificate, according to which a foreigner is allowed to stay in the country.

Marriage within day in Kiev: details and price

According to the established practice, registration of a marriage within a day in Kiev has not previously been considered by the authorities. By default, marriage was registered after one month (30 days) from the moment the application was officially submitted. However, later such an opportunity arose, though it was necessary to provide convincing arguments. For example, such arguments could be the bride’s pregnancy, the groom’s departure to the army, a serious health condition, and so on.

Now everything you can get married urgently, and the marriage can be registered within a day within a few hours. For the first time, the pilot project was launched in 2016, at first only a few cities participated in it, later this list expanded significantly. Wedding organization in Kiev in a very short time has become possible, as long as in other cities of Ukraine. Since 2020, marriage registration in Kiev within a day began to be carried out through a notary. You can even get married in a notary office. In this case, the final price will increase.

How much does it cost to register a marriage in Ukraine? A completely understandable rule applies here – you will have to pay more for speed. When the price is determined, factors such as the time of day for the ceremony, the visit of experts to the customers of the service or the ritual on the spot play a role. The cost of registering a marriage starts from 1000 UAH. By contacting a wedding agency, you will save yourself the trouble of personally collecting certificates and seeking permission for an expedited marriage procedure.

How do I get a marriage certificate, how long it takes

If you do not have time to collect information and seek speeded up registration of your relationship, there is a way out. Turnkey wedding organization from Best Day Ever agency. Professional specialists will take care of all the worries, select the best wedding options and do everything necessary for this solemn day to remain a bright memory in your memory for a lifetime.

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It is possible to affix an apostille to a marriage certificate without delay if the couple urgently move abroad and want to have a document in their hands that will be officially recognized abroad. Correctly affixed apostille is a guarantee that couple will not have to return to Ukraine to renew their documents.

In our agency, you can quickly solve any issues related to the registration of a marriage. Here you will learn how to get married in 1 hour, how to get a duplicate marriage certificate, how to organize a marriage ceremony without preliminary preparation. We do everything necessary to ensure that young people are happy and that bureaucratic issues do not spoil their mood.