Wedding invitations: ideas, design, photos | how to write invitations text

Wedding invitations

Invitations: from idea to print

You can pre-select your wedding invitations so that you can send the invitations to the recipients after you have completed your guest list. If you mean a designer wedding invitation, creating an individual sketch takes time. Before the final version is approved, several stages of approval and amendments can pass.

You shouldn’t take literally the advice to prepare invitations for a wedding in Kiev long before the event itself. You do not need to do this at a time when the selection of the groom is not yet complete. This is not a dowry that was previously prepared for every bride. This is a completely natural element of a wedding celebration.

It should be based on the concept of a wedding. Once the concept of the wedding is developed and the final location for the wedding ceremony and banquet is chosen. Otherwise, inconsistencies are likely. If the wedding is in an eco-style, baby-doll wedding invitations will be inappropriate, even if they are overwhelmed by their beauty.

Guests are invited to the event 8 weeks in advance, so you need to prepare wedding invitations no later than 3 months before that solemn day. First, the details are discussed with the designer, then a layout is drawn up on the basis of the couple’s wishes, and only after that there are agreements.

Rules for the preparation of wedding invitations

  1. The organization of the wedding begins about a year before the celebration, if painstaking preparation is expected. At this time, the young people tell the guests, who will certainly be among the invitees, that they are planning to get married. This information will be taken into account by relatives and friends when planning a vacation, comparing plans for the coming year. It's a European tradition to hand out save the date. Preliminary wedding invitations are handed out immediately after the couple decides to get married, especially if the celebration is planned for the summer.
  2. The save the date contains information about the estimated or exact date of the celebration. It is advisable to indicate in the cards the composition of the invitees: a guest and a companion, a couple and a child. Remember that it is not acceptable to invite one of the spouses.
  3. Writing the text of a wedding invitation is easy. Several points are required in it: the names of the couple, the date of the wedding, the time and place of the marriage, the place and time of the buffet table. In order not to get lost in guessing who will come to the celebration, indicate by what date you need to receive an answer. This will help you plan your budget correctly.
  4. If the holiday is conceived in a certain style, indicate what the dress code will be.
  5. It is permissible to indicate in the invitations the general direction of the gifts. If couple plans to receive money for the implementation of joint plans or solving everyday issues, this can be indicated in the invitation. You can specify something more sweet, like "we will be happy to any contribution to the family budget of a young family." By European standards, present designation is not considered bad manners. It's practicality.
  6. Check the spelling of the text. It is unacceptable to make mistakes in personal cards. Someone may not notice them, but for someone they will “cut” their eyes quite strongly. By contacting a wedding agency, you relieve yourself of this responsibility, because professionals will be responsible for drafting the text and printing it in the invitations.

Wedding invitation design

Decide what your wedding invitation text will be. Various options are available: hand-signed calligrapher or original typeface. Do not forget that the final price of invitations depends on this fact. It is important that they fit within the allocated budget.

When ordering individual invitations, choose the type of paper, the number of sheets, inserts and content. If a wedding invitation is created based on a ready-made design, then the situation is simpler.The couple

  • choose the design of wedding invitations from the proposed options;
  • make up the text of the wedding invitation.

When working, sometimes a special online design software is used. The screen shows how the wedding invitations turn out, what the text on the cards looks like. You can also choose the font, colors, designs and patterns for the front and back sides.

What wedding invitation text is usually forgotten?

Remember that wedding invitations for guests are different. The time differs – one needs to be at a wedding ceremony in a restaurant, others – at the registry office. The addresses differ: the groom’s friends come to his house, and the bride to her. Make a list of these people ahead of time to keep in front of your eyes when filling out. Then the text of the invitation to the wedding will be written without errors.

Do not forget to sign invitations as required by the rules of etiquette. You should also include an envelope for the guests to respond with confirmation of their visit to the wedding or refusal. If you want the process of preparing for the wedding to be easy and comfortable, then contact the BestDayEver wedding agency. Wedding agency Bestdayever will prepare the terms of reference for the creation of the sketch and the text of the invitation, providing young people with the ideal version of the wedding invitation.