How to get married in Ukraine| Documents for marriage with a foreigner in Kiev

How to get married in Ukraine?

How foreigner can get married in Ukraine

For two beloved ones, there are no barriers in the form of borders or different citizenship. Cupid fires arrows no matter where you were born or what language you speak. Getting married with a foreigner will be a wonderful opportunity to unite your hearts and formalize your relationship.

There are several options for holding weddings:
● in the country of the groom;
● in the country of the bride;
● in both countries.

Weddings in English are also possible. Or, alternatively, it can be held in Russian, Ukrainian and English at the same time. We will also select a host who speaks the native language of the bride and groom on request.

Why the wedding is sometimes carried out in two languages?

A special feature of a wedding with a foreigner in Kiev can be an English-speaking wedding organizer. After all, there will be constant communication with relatives from the side of the groom or the bride and you need to understand exactly how they see the celebration. The bride and groom probably understand each other. Some of them know the language of the other. But the guests can be hard.

According to statistics in Ukraine, only less than 30% know English well. And they are mostly young people. And the older generation speaks practically only Russian and Ukrainian. Inviting two hosts or one bilingual will guarantee that everyone will like the wedding. The contests will be clear, and all the invitees will appreciate the jokes. A great way to connect and entertain guests in two languages.
Hiring a translator is not always comfortable and possible, whereas in the BestDayEver wedding agency they speak English.

What documents are required to register a marriage with a foreigner

According to Ukrainian law, newlyweds need to collect a package of documents in order to legalize their relationship. Namely:

● duly certified translation of a foreigner’s passport into Ukrainian;

● a passport with a visa or a stamp that a foreign citizen is legally staying on the territory of Ukraine. Perhaps another document that confirms identity and age. The stamp is obtained when crossing the border or at the migration service;

● a certificate stating that a foreign citizen or citizen is not officially married to another person;

● a certificate stating that the previous marriage was officially terminated, if it was contracted before;

● if one of the newlyweds has not reached the age of 18, a marriage permit is required by court order for persons 16 years and older;

● absence of obstacles for marriage: there is no consanguinity and the bride and groom are not adopted children or adoptive parents.

Documents from a foreign language must be translated into Ukrainian, legally approved by the diplomatic mission, consular office and the Ministry of Justice.

With the formalities finished, it’s time to start preparing for the celebration.

Registration of marriage with a foreigner

Reveal your unique love story and surprise your guests with a unique holiday. Registering a marriage with a foreigner can be the most exciting event that your children will tell their grandchildren about. It’s unusual, intriguing and so exciting. After all, a person from another country is ready for love to unite his heart with his beloved with a completely different mentality and worldview.

Registration takes place traditionally at the registry office or, at the request of the newlyweds, an official exit ceremony can be held. The registry office employees agree on the date and time of registration after submitting an application and providing all the documents required by law. Otherwise, the painting may not take place.

All formalities take 10-15 minutes. During this time, words of consent will be pronounced in a solemn atmosphere and signatures will be put in the marriage registration book. After that, the spouses can hold a buffet table for guests near the registry office or immediately go to celebrate according to the script.

Official visiting ceremony of marriage with a foreigner

For those newlyweds who want a bright holiday and an unforgettable experience, the wedding organizer will offer to paint outside the walls of the registry office. Fortunately, the official visiting ceremony legitimizes marriage as well as painting in a government office.

Organization of a wedding in Kiev with an off-site ceremony is an exclusive celebration where every detail is thought out thoroughly: from the venue and the words of the registrar to chairs for guests. The painting is not limited by any frames. Guests will get a lot of pleasure and impressions, and the ceremony itself will be created taking into account all the wishes of the bride and groom.

Is it possible to organize a wedding with a foreigner remotely

Nothing is impossible for our agency. And if the organization of a turnkey wedding includes full immersion in the preparation process, then a wedding with a foreigner in Kiev can be organized remotely. The couple can participate in the organization process to the extent that they can. Most meetings and communication takes place through messengers or Skype, all documents are available online and the preparation process can also be watched online.

If your chosen one or darling from another country, you need a wedding in English, online services or a turnkey celebration, contact the BestDayEver agency. We work with different formats: wedding for two, organization of an off-site ceremony, coordination of the wedding day or organization of a turnkey wedding. The organization of the wedding will take place in a light, relaxed atmosphere, and we will take care of all organizational issues.