Wedding organizer responsibilities: what does he do and why do you need wedding planner?

Wedding organizer responsibilities

Wedding organizer: why you need him

It’s nice when the wedding goes on like clockwork. The timing of the day is respected, the artists perform on time. Dance of the bride and groom, taking out the cake and other rituals are going according to plan. And all because the organization of the wedding was carried out at a high level and professionals are involved in the business.

One such irreplaceable person is a wedding planner. The person who takes responsibility and leads the preparation process. He is like a link between newlyweds and contractors. Fulfills any desire as far as possible.

Our wedding agency BestDayEver works on the same principle. You are always aware of the preparation of the wedding and the person in charge is in touch almost around the clock.

Responsibilities of the wedding organizer

  • creative wedding ideas and wedding concept writing;
  • choosing a location and agreeing on the conditions for a wedding;
  • selection of the necessary professionals to create the image of the bride and groom;
  • work with contractors (florists, decorators, presenter, DJ, photographer, etc.).
  • drafting contracts with contractors;
  • ideas for a show program;
  • organization of transport for couple, guests and service personnel, if necessary;
  • wedding budgeting;
  • writing the timing of the wedding day;
  • checklist preparation for a couple for a wedding day;
  • solving thousands of nuances and little things that necessarily arise during preparation for a solemn event;
  • control of all services at the wedding;
  • save the nerves and time of the newlyweds. Sometimes, the wedding organizer becomes almost a friend of the family, as he feels and understands the couple very well.

What tasks does a wedding organizer solve?

Based on the responsibilities that the wedding organizer assumes, it is clear that it is difficult to do without him. You get the person to organize the party for you. Moreover, this is not your usual birthday, which repeats from year to year, and where you already have experience. And not a corporate party.

Initially, a wedding is conceived as an event that will be celebrated only once in a lifetime. That is why so much effort goes into making the perfect celebration. Here you need to know the pitfalls:

  • where to find professional contractors who won’t let you down, not random people;
  • what’s trending now. Wedding fashion is developing rapidly. Look at the photo album of friends who got married 10 years ago. Much is done differently today;
  • what restaurants or locations are better to order depending on the season.
  • The wedding planner will take over all these tasks. You don’t have to take time off from work or spend your weekends solving preparation issues. You will be able to participate as much as you like.