Church wedding in Kiev | The sacrament of the wedding | Crucial points

Church wedding: how to do it right

The sacrament of the wedding: the rules of confessions and preparation for the celebration

A church wedding is a crucial step that needs to be approached carefully and rationally. It is not enough to feel in love at the time of marriage, you need to be sure that the feelings of love, respect and reverence for your spouse will not pass over the years, but will only become stronger and more stable.

If in the registry office you can dissolve an official marriage without any special consequences, then a wedding before God allows divorce only in exceptional cases. When planning a wedding ceremony, consider the subtleties of preparing for the event so that an important moment does not turn into difficulties and spoil the impression of the ceremony.

Preparation for the sacrament of the wedding

Before concluding a church marriage, you need to decide where the sacrament will take place. To do this, you need to walk around the city, see the churches, go inside and put candles in the temple that you like. When entering inside, there should be a feeling of peace, the soul should feel good and calm.

Talk to the priest, he will tell you what the preparation for the wedding should be, what points you should pay special attention to. The ceremony should be registered in advance. As a rule, this period is several weeks. But, if you want to carry out the wedding on a specific date, you should take care of this in advance.

Discuss with the priest some of the nuances of the ceremony:

  • how long the procedure lasts, what roles are assigned to the participants;
  • what things should be brought with you from home;
  • is it possible to carry out photo and video filming for the family archive.

A wedding is a sacrament, but today the church is supportive of the fact that young people want to keep photographs and video recordings for themselves in order to later view the frames of the family archive. The ceremony is carried out for money, so it is better to clarify the cost of the procedure and the price of the attributes necessary for it right away so as not to get into a mess when calculating. It is also worth clarifying if there are additional services that you can order. Such as, for example, ringing bells or singing a church choir.

How to choose witnesses (guarantors) for the wedding

The choice of guarantors is no less important than determining the date of the ceremony. Usually they are chosen from among the close people who can be trusted to participate in such an important event for you. Both witnesses must be baptized. The Church strongly opposes the selection of guarantors from among divorced people, as well as couples living without obligations. These people should be spiritually close to those who are to be married and are ready to provide help when necessary.

What do you need for a wedding ceremony?

You can find out what you need for the wedding at the priest, who will tell you about all the points in more detail. Required attributes include:

rings for the bride and groom;

candles for the wedding ceremony;

icons for the wedding (with images of the faces of Christ and the Holy Mother of God);

a snow-white rushnyk, on which the couple will stand during the ceremony;

two handkerchiefs for holding candles.

The towel must be saved, it is advisable not to let anyone touch it. This is a symbol of the road in life along which spouses must walk together. It is recommended to save the wedding candles from the wedding, so that during difficult spiritual turmoil or problems that have piled on the family, light them with a request for help from God.

Church wedding for different confessions: the main differences

The church wedding ceremony takes place in accordance with its characteristics, depending on the faith to which the couple belongs:

A wedding in the Orthodox Church assumes that an official marriage is concluded in front of him at the registry office. You need to make an appointment no later than 2-4 weeks in advance. On the eve of the event itself, the couple keep a seven-day fast, and on the day of the betrothal they confess and receive communion. Crosses are required on the body of the bride and groom.

Weddings in Catholicism are freer from rules. A believer can unite by marriage even with an unbeliever or a representative of another confession. Faith does not allow divorce, but in cases of rare exception it can give a blessing. The newlyweds sit next to the witnesses, and the father leads the bride to the altar.

Jewish wedding – few people know how a wedding or chuppah goes among the Jews. At the ceremony, the bride should plunge into the mikvah (a special reservoir), and on the eve of the holiday, the young should not eat or drink. The rabbi with the groom and the bride’s representative compose a ketubah or marriage certificate, which is the modern prototype of the contract between the young. Then the ceremony is performed under a veil, the ends of which are held by the guests.

Islamic marriages cannot be ignored. Organization of a wedding in a Muslim family takes place only by agreement between the parents. The wedding is preceded by matchmaking, when the young people meet each other. The wedding ceremony is called nikah and takes place in the mosque, where the consent to the marriage is confirmed by the bride and groom. For the future wife, the groom pays kalym to her family and gives her a gift (makhr) during the ceremony.

Church wedding clothing

If we figured out the rules for a wedding in a church, then we should dwell on the choice of an outfit separately. This topic should be well studied before buying things. It is recommended to choose a dress for a wedding below the knee without a deep neckline and a revealing neckline.

If all these elements are on the wedding dress, you can cover them with a scarf or stole. Preference is given to dresses in white, cream, pearl tones. The bride is required to enter the church with her head covered. Any footwear will do, but it is better to choose a comfortable last and a low heel, as you will have to spend a lot of time on your feet. You don’t need to use cosmetics. In extreme cases, it is allowed to slightly lower the eyes.

The groom should be in a classic suit without a headdress. Any color is chosen, but flashy shades are unacceptable. If you need to organize a wedding, but you are not sure where to start, contact the BestDayEver wedding agency. We will do everything ourselves, freeing you from the tedious nuances of the celebration.