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Wedding cakes: photos and ideas

Wedding cakes

Looking at the wedding cakes in the photo before placing an order, do not lose sight of the fact that this dessert is the main star of the wedding, second only to the beauty of the bride. Over the years, ideas for creating wedding cakes have changed. One thing remained unchanged – when creating a masterpiece, the masters put their soul and talent into their work.

The result was the best advertisement for the author, which ensured his growth and prosperity.

Wedding cake ideas: what is important to consider when choosing

  1. Concept - indicate what you want to get as a result. What dessert should be: chocolate, creamy, fruity. You may want to get a wedding cake with orchids or roses - the trend of 2021.
  2. Tasting - ask the baker to set a date for the dessert to be prepared for the holiday. It is advisable to do this in advance, so that in case of an unsatisfactory result, you can choose another pastry shop. Ideally, the tasting is held 3-5 months before the celebration.
  3. Experts advise to try not only the whole cake for tasting as a whole, but also to taste the glaze, decor, and cakes separately. You may need to replace one thing, not the entire list.

Celebrity wedding cakes: masterpieces photo

Leafing through the options for photos of wedding cakes, pay attention to what sweets decorated the holidays of famous people. The wedding guests of Donald Trump and Melania Knauss were invited to the celebration, on the center table of which towered a 50-pound seven-tiered handsome cake with many skillfully made roses.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose an unusual exhibit designed by baker Fiona Cairns and decorated with 900 sugar mastic flowers.

Beautiful wedding cakes ideas can not be analyzed without reference to the dessert of Filipino celebrities Marian Rivera and Dinduna Dantes. This cake was decorated with Swarovski crystals and GG special effects.

Modern trends in confectionery

Today, wedding cake ideas are very diverse. But, perhaps, the most striking of them is the tendency to decorate the dessert with fresh flowers. From this series, your attention will be attracted by wedding cakes with orchids, photos of which are easy to find on the Internet. Peonies and roses are no less popular. It is a timeless classic that is distinguished by sophistication and elegance.

Why fresh flowers are good – they can be used to decorate sweets all year round. In addition, the wide variety of positions on the market is striking. In addition to roses, tulips, orchids and peonies, you can also order eco-style cakes. For this, it is recommended to use succulents in decoration – the squeak of this season. When ordering such a wedding cake, take a look at our photos for design ideas. This photo features textured plant materials, and each tier is framed with lace, ears of wheat and dry lavender sprigs, adding an unusual scent to the dessert treat.

Another option for decorating wedding cakes presents the idea of ​​using flowers a little differently. But the overall result looks impressive. Four sweet tiers are decorated with fresh flowers: pink roses, delphiniums, hydrangea. The accent is made up of colorful confetti. A satin ribbon separates the layers. This design will certainly make your guests talk about the celebration, remember its flavor and the incredible magic of culinary delights.

Fruit cakes

Fruit cakes – original compositions with an abundance of different fruits and berries. Strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, oranges, bananas, blueberries and any other options are used to create.

Lace cakes

Lace cakes – these products are filled with lightness, airiness and grace. They attract the eye from the outside and make you admire the work of the master. An exclusive sweet idea makes lace wedding cakes the favorites of the audience.

cakes with an ombre effect

Another option for decorating a holiday – cakes with an ombre effect – the original play of color looks elegant in daylight and artificial lighting.