Wedding dresses: wedding fashion season 2020-2021 | How the designers will surprise us

Wedding dresses: fashion season 2021

Wedding dresses: wedding fashion season 2020-2021

Wedding fashions change every year. It would seem, what else can you think of for the bride’s dress. But designers turn on their full imagination and set new directions in clothes and accessories. After fashion week in New York, wedding trends 2020 became known. And there are plenty to choose from.

Tiered and layered skirts: wedding fashion

Models of dresses look simply royal – with fluffy skirts made of dozens of layers of delicate mesh and tulle. They emphasize the fragile figure of the bride and accentuate themselves. The designers played with color (not just classic white), combined the sizes and shapes of the tiers. Some went even further and turned the skirt into a cascade of fake flowers.

The volume in the sleeves

The fashion for airy sleeves has reached wedding dresses. Volume can be added along the entire length, at the shoulder or closer to the hand. The downward shoulder line complements the trend. Translucent or made of dense fabric – voluminous sleeves will become the highlight of the dress and harmoniously decorate the wedding outfit.

Veil VS Cape

Experiments with wardrobe items continue. The traditional veil was replaced by a cape. This is a kind of mixture of cape and veil. Looks like a lace cloak on the bride’s shoulders. Cape is suggested to be worn in different lengths, but basically the size is selected according to the length of the dress. There are no restrictions on fabrics. Choose a solid color mesh or semi-transparent with feathers, flowers and pearls.

Monochrome colors and straight lines

Whatever ideas and new features designers come up with from year to year, the classics are eternal. In this, wedding fashion is constant and unchanging. Straight lines, pure colors and modesty are the basis of classic wedding dresses. They can even be inherited. They emphasize the romance, femininity of the bride and the dignity of her figure. Even after 20, 30 and 50 years, such models will look impeccably elegant.

Bows in the bride's dress

Another classic trick is a bow in design. And the 2020-2021 season was no exception. It is used to decorate various parts of the bride’s attire. Looks luxurious at the waist in front and back. It can be made in the form of a wide belt or presented as a separate decorative element. A voluminous bow falling from the shoulders can become the centerpiece of a dress. Asymmetric bows on the corset look luxurious. The bow can be made of the same fabric as the dress, decorated with stones, beads, embroidered with gold and silver thread.

Lace patterns will complement the look

In the new season, there is a clear tendency to use lace in different variations among the trendsetters of wedding fashion. Lace with patches and floral applique is in fashion. The wedding dress is sewn entirely of lace or decorated with separate elements: bodice, skirt or only sleeves. Such an outfit delights with graceful patterns and openwork weaving of threads.
Thin is rather heavy, so it can be easily draped, lay down in beautiful folds and waves, emphasizes the beauty of the female figure and is ideally combined with other fabrics.

More glamor with pearls and feathers

Feathers with pearls burst onto the catwalk of the 2020-2021 fashion shows. To describe this trend in one phrase, let’s call it “refined luxury”. Such delicate decor has become a versatile tool in the hands of designers. As if by magic, they created gentle romantic or daring and shocking images. Just a feather and pearls, and how many ideas were embodied in the bride’s dress.

Mini is such a mini

A short wedding dress is an unexpected and extravagant choice. And yet, the designers in each collection take into account the wishes of girls who want a short dress for a wedding celebration. This dress does not hinder movement and is more familiar. In it, the bride looks simply charming: in a surprising way, the mischievous carelessness and elegance of an adult woman are harmoniously combined.
Pay attention to the lush bell dress, jacket dress and lace mini. Styles are ideal for creating delicate and sophisticated looks and look good on short lengths.

Wedding dress for every day

Fans of the casual style can safely marry in their usual outfit. A wedding dress in the season 2020-2021 does not have to be fluffy to the floor and with multi-layer skirts. There is a great solution to choose an alternative option:
a laconic trouser ensemble or it can be sets of tops with skirts and trousers or a jumpsuit with a cape.
Each of these outfits will be appropriate not only during the wedding ceremony, but also in everyday life.

The trends of wedding fashion 2020-2021 organically combine natural motives, aesthetics of luxury, airy fabrics and glamorous accessories. Everything to make the bride’s dress look breathtakingly beautiful.
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