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How to choose wedding venue in Kiev?

Non-standard wedding locations : celebration is like a miracle

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable events in life. If you want to have an unforgettable experience of the celebration, you should consider options for non-standard wedding locations. A wedding in a luxury restaurant is not a solution for every couple. For someone it is more comfortable to celebrate the wedding day on the rooftop in the city center or in the forest on the river bank … It is not difficult to find unusual places for a wedding in Kiev, you just need to decide on your preferences.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

If you want the concept of your wedding to be interesting, and the location for weddings is non-standard, then consider a place for an outdoor wedding in Kiev as an option. A celebration in nature implies a special atmosphere when you can gaze at the stars and enjoy the beautiful view. For such holidays, there are many ready-made solutions, you just need to choose what suits your tastes and your budget. Weddings in nature are ideal for a summer celebration.

Place for outdoor wedding: pros

  1. Outdoor celebration.
  2. More flexible time frames - there is no additional charge for early check-in and late dismantling.
  3. There is no minimum deposit to close the location.
  4. A large area, which does not limit the number of guests at the ceremony.
  5. A memorable celebration - you can launch a grand fireworks display after sunset, or offer your guests entertainment that is possible only in nature.
  6. More opportunities for a thematic wedding in ecostyle and boho style.

The main thing is to prepare for the whims of the weather and organize an off-site service in the chosen place for a wedding in Kiev. A cocktail reception under a canopy will perfectly replace a standard banquet. Also keep in mind that a holiday in nature implies the presence of insects and a decrease in temperature in the evening.

Wedding in the forest: forest fairy tale

Places for outdoor weddings in Kiev are not only parks. If such a celebration does not seem original enough, try celebrating a memorable event in the forest. A unique holiday in unity with nature will be spared from unnecessary formality and will allow you to have fun from the heart. And as a place for photo shoots for a wedding in Kiev, the forest will be an excellent choice. If most of the guests at your party are friends and peers of the young, an eco-wedding in nature will be an excellent choice.

Why choose a forest as a place for a wedding in Kiev?

  • The original celebration remembered by all.
  • Themes can range from folk to fabulous.
  • Beautiful photos with magnificent framing.

In such a location for a wedding in Kiev, you can celebrate in winter, but it will be much more difficult. The ideal time is summer or early autumn. In this case, the golden foliage will make the location even more beautiful. At a wedding in the Kiev forest, you can use various design options: both for a boho wedding, and in a rustic style.
As a location in the forest, you can consider: a pine forest near the Kiev Sea (not far from Glebovka and Lyutezh), Goloseevsky Park, a forest near the Obukhov highway.

Wedding on the roof

If you do not want to move away from civilization, but are looking for original locations for a wedding in Kiev, choose a holiday on the roof of a high-rise building. This is a very romantic place, and the views will be better than the most beautiful banquet hall. Celebrating the wedding on the roof will bring unforgettable emotions and no less impressive wedding photos.

Benefits of Celebrating Rooftop Weddings in Kiev

  • Unusual and original celebration that will be remembered accurately.
  • You can arrange a secluded celebration just for two to have their wedding in a romantic setting "tete-a-tete."
  • Event design is practically unlimited.
  • At sunset, you and your guests can enjoy the wonderful sight of the setting sun, and then dance under the stars.

The only drawback – organize a wedding itself can be tricky, and the choice of locations is not so big. However, with the help of specialists, you will make sure that there are no unsolvable problems.

Beach Wedding: Sunset Party

Beach weddings are unusual but well-known celebrations. A less formal celebration by the sea always attracts attention with its lightness and fun. Usually the dress for a beach wedding is simple and low-key, this does not mean that wedding dresses for a beach wedding cannot be beautiful. This is a wonderful holiday where everyone has a great time and fun.

The location of the party depends on the budget, the mobility of the guests and the timing of the wedding preparations. You and all your guests can come to the sunny seashore, or choose a more convenient option and celebrate the celebration on the beach in Kiev or on the lake.

  • Guests feel freer than in the restaurant.
  • The romantic atmosphere of the beach will brighten the holiday dedicated to the newlyweds.
  • A wedding on the beach will give you just wonderful photos.
  • Beach wedding ideas and entertainment can be more varied.
  • In good weather, guests can swim, which will make the celebration even more fun.

As with any outdoor event, at a beach wedding, you need to take care of protecting guests from the sun. You can easily get burned near the water – it is better to put up a tent, in which the invitees can not only have a snack, but also relax in a pleasant shade.

Greenhouse wedding: the enchanting scent of flowers

The perfect compromise between a wedding in nature and in the city is a wedding in a greenhouse in Kiev. Surrounded by many flowers and fragrant greenery, in a unique atmosphere, guests will enjoy the holiday and get incredible emotions.

This option is especially impressive if the wedding is celebrated in winter. From the snow-covered streets, guests will find themselves in a real tropical paradise under the dome, full of greenery and bright colors. A wedding in a greenhouse in Kiev is unusual and stylish.

  • A minimum of decorations will be required - a wedding in a greenhouse will itself become a decoration of the holiday.
  • You can enjoy the unity with nature, even if the street is winter or heavy rainfall.
  • There is no such formality as at a banquet in a restaurant, but there is enough solemnity.

Renting a greenhouse for a wedding ceremony may not be as easy as renting a restaurant, but it is possible. And catering will help to offer guests snacks and the necessary comfort.

Wedding in a museum or gallery

An incredibly stylish option is to celebrate your wedding in a museum or art gallery. Renting them for the celebration is even more difficult, but if you manage to get a museum hall, your holiday will definitely be remembered by each of the guests. The sophisticated interiors will especially appeal to lovers of antiquity. You can rent an entire estate for a wedding in the museum, which will turn a gala evening into a real festive ball.

Wedding agency BestDayEver will help you to organize any, even the most unusual wedding in the gallery. The agency has extensive experience in organizing weddings and can offer a full wedding service, including ordering catering, choosing a location and other nuances of the celebration. Specialists of our agency will turn any whims of clients into an incredible holiday.