Portuguese wedding "Journey to the ends of the earth"

of our friends
Lena and Andrey

This is a little story of a great love. On random fate and its beautiful weave. When two people met each other in a big city. And then they fell in love. Strongly and forever.

  • 40


  • 2

    months of

  • 20

    to carry out wedding

  • $8000


Lena and Andrey contacted us literally two months before the wedding. The guys took a long time to decide whether to have a wedding or not. Having received the first wedding estimates, they took a break to make a decision. As Lena said, the crucial factor in making the decision was the desire of her father to walk her down the aisle. Since Lena and her father have a very close relationship, she wanted to let him and her whole family enjoy this event. Andrei was pleased as any man to make his woman happy.

Concept. When the decision was made on what the wedding should be, the question of the wedding concept became. The guys have a very unusual dating history. They met by chance at a restaurant in Podol during a business lunch. And it spun, spun. The decisive event for their attitude was a trip to Portugal. There they were able to get to know each other better and understand that this is really the person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Well, it goes without saying that the theme of the wedding was a Portuguese theme. Also due to the fact that having visited the end of the world it is impossible not to share these feelings with loved ones.

Location We started by choosing a location. I wanted the location to be beautiful and bright like the famous Sintra castle, and the atmosphere was cozy like in a Portuguese courtyard. Therefore, we chose the restaurant Province at the Gvozd complex as the venue. The main advantages of the location were chic interiors, the possibility of closing the location for our event and a place for an off-site ceremony with a beautiful view.

Decoration. Since the location of Nails is self-sufficient in terms of exterior, interior and decor, it was decided to make a minimalistic decoration of the location. A lot of decor was borrowed from the location itself. The main colors were terracotta-burgundy-salmon. As a photo zone, there was a cozy corner in the style of a Portuguese courtyard. There were several options for seating guests and the design of the presidium, but we settled on a rather non-standard one and used the entrance group to the restaurant as a background for the newlyweds’ table.

Traditions. This wedding was rich in tradition. Lena and Andrey decided to lay the foundation of their family traditions on their wedding day. A few traditions were borrowed from the Portuguese newlyweds. There is a nice custom to decorate the arches with lemons and apples. The bride must remove the apple from the arch, the groom – the lemon. An apple means protection from temptation, and a lemon means a good, decent life. Then the young exchange these fruits, which means living together, filled with happiness and not overshadowed by all sorts of unnecessary temptations.

And of course there were Ukrainian traditions – karavai and rushnik.

BestDayEver team: “We will remember this wedding for the unconventional humor of the bride and groom and their guests. And of course, a surprise for the bride for the groom. It was a surprise not only for him, but also for us – a sparkling slideshow about the life of the couple before and after. “

Photographer: Alexander Khomenko

Decor and floristry: Creative Decor

Video: Zefirma Video Production

Concept and organization: Wedding agency BestDayEver